AI-driven assurance to enhance your 4G/5G service quality

With the development of fast, low-cost computing and cloud technologies, machines can smartly analyze massive amounts of data generated by networks every day. Automated assurance solutions with built-in AI and ML have natural advantages over humans in analyzing data and detecting network anomalies in real-time. This can free engineers up to spend more time on the critical task of optimizing the 4G/5G network performance and solving network degradations.

In this webinar we will outline the approach operators should adopt to enhance their customers’ quality of experience, by using an AI/ML based assurance solution.
While operators have been focused on optimizing data collection, now it’s time to learn how to wisely use this data to gain in-depth insights that will drive your network forward.

Yariv Waits, Product Lead Data Analytics at RADCOM, will present:

  • The emergence of AL and ML as essential elements of your toolkit for 4G/5G assurance.
  • What are the AI drivers for you as a telecom operator?
  • Why traditional rule-based systems will not be able to scale up to meet increasingly complex 5G networks?
  • What advantages automated assurance with built-in AI and ML capabilities can offer.
  • What practical AI and ML use cases can you, as an operator, deploy today?
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