Episode 3 – Talk the Talk: Why GenAI for Telcos?

4 June, 2024 11:00 ET | 15:00 UTC


About the event

Join RADCOM’s GenAI expert, Zeev Likwornik, who is hosting leading industry experts in a series of webinars on GenAI for Telcos.

The third webinar features a conversation with Rick Lievano, Microsoft’s Worldwide Telco CTO. Rick provides insights into the different use cases being adopted by telecom operators and the importance of good data and open APIs.

Join us on Tuesday, June 4th, 11:00 ET | 15:00 UTC

In the webinar, you will learn the following:

  • How Camara and GSMA Open Gateway are helping add value
  • Where the public cloud helps roll out services
  • The main use cases being adopted
  • Whether custom LLMs and algorithms are needed
  • Importance of good data to drive GenAI

The webinar includes a 25-minute conversation followed by a Q&A session.

Rick Lievano
Worldwide Telco CTO

As the Worldwide CTO for the Microsoft Telecommunications industry, Rick Lievano has over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions and architectures for service providers across the globe. He is a TM Forum certified professional and a member of the Collaboration Sub-Committee, where he contributes to creating and adopting best practices and standards for the telecom sector.

Zeev Likwornik
GenAI Expert

Zeev is a seasoned and enthusiastic business development executive with over 25 years of expertise in driving innovation and leading business transformations through the entire hype curve of cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.


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